Saturday, June 25, 2016

Eternal Fear - Ancient Woods

First music post for DE will be a pure dungeon synth tape from 1995. Polish based project. Tape spine says Warhagan records but a metal archives roster says Moonshine Productions. This seems to be the only project the solo musician Nerthon had, other than an appearance in 2003 to play some keyboards on a Carnal track.

Really classic dungeon synth sounds here. Fans of the dark 90s stuff will love this. Dark, brooding, and hypnotic. Definitely black metal intro/interlude/outro kind of material. Seven tracks on side A titled 'Ancient Hymns', maybe following after Nattens Madrigal. Side B is only two tracks, titled 'Atmosphere of Sorrow'. Kind of a strange melancholic end to the tape with 'The Celtic History'.


Friday, June 24, 2016


Welcome to Dungeon Excavation. Most of what you'll need to know is available via the 'about' side bar. I'll try to post something every week.