Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ashmadai - Symphonies for the Kings

For the second post of the night, we have a short release from an artist called Ashmadai. Ashmadai seems to be the side project of Laldaboath from of Celtic Dance and Arkenstone, both from Satanachia and Hades productions in Portugal.

This is a rather odd tape. Each song is titled as a Myth, which suggests that there might be a concept to this tape. Very minimal pianos and synths for four tracks. Somewhat slow paced with some reoccurring melodies throughout. The melodies are kind of upbeat and rather pleasant, and paired with the green insert the songs evoke images of a verdant medieval pasture.You can hear the synths bend at times as if they were beginning to die, or the recording equipment may have been finicky. The fourth track cuts off before the minute mark, I'm not sure if this is deliberate or if my tape happens to be messed up (please get in touch if you have a copy). A short and obscure tape but enjoyable nonetheless.

Until next week,



  1. I was very happy to find out you had posted this! You see, I've had a rip contributed ...two years ago (maybe?) of this which I've been hesitating to finish and post. It was sent as one track, ten minutes or so long and I could not separate it into four parts no matter how I tried. Source insisted it being a complete demo but listening to your version it is obvious he had only side A of the recording.

    That aside, I enjoy the pleasant minimalism of it, your reference to a medieval verdant pasture being great. Love surprise percussions that pop up, could that then be knights galloping by?

    The B-side is a bit peculiar. Notice how III Myth sounds like two songs put together, the change after two minutes something? IV Myth does end jarringly, I'm afraid you're right and it cuts.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I've got confirmation it's just my tape that cuts off. Still need to get a correct rip.