Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blutaxt - Weltenbrand

Apologies for the lapse in posts. I've been rather busy with life and the label I have recently launched. But, I am making up for the past weeks and posting two personal tape rips today and two tapes Monday night (unfortunately the files of the last two are on my work computer).

This tape arrived just in time for today's posts, only just received it from Germany yesterday. I was actually unsure if this would be dungeon synth or not, it was purchased purely on the front image. But I was in luck, DS it is and a great release at that! I cannot find much information at all on the artist, this seems to be their only release (please email with information if you have it, as per usual).

Twelve tracks of medieval dungeon synth here. The whole tape is under thirty minutes, quite a few songs are under two minutes, but none fail to satisfy. What I like most about this tape is the variation in sounds. All tracks are distinct, ranging from medieval folk with synthesized acoustics and flute, some Mortiis-y stuff with big booming drums, one track features Gregorian chanting (safe to assume the chanting was sampled, but Blutaxt frames the synths around the original chant so everything flows very well), and one track even gets into Berlin School territory. A little something for every kind of DS fan. A solid tape now seeing the light.



  1. Lol, the 3rd track "Therion" is literally the intro of Therion's song Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah released the same year (1998), that's weird.

    1. that ruins a demo, a bit. I used to listen to that therion album long time ago and it feels like just therion playing not blutaxt.